Escape From The Hall of Presidents

Hi all,

After more than a year of dragging my feet play testing this thing at Cons, bothering John Hodgman on Twitter, and slowly editing this thing based on play test results and feedback, I've convinced myself to write this up as a little zine style module.

Escape From The Hall of Presidents will be presented as a DCC/MCC-setting agnostic funnel toolkit. The finished product will include dubious stats and equipment for all POTUSES, a chart of possible DCC and MCC settings to feed into (along with flavor changes to accompany the encounters),  a map, and a key full of deadly encounters to test the leadership, combat and athletic abilities of the POTUSES. 

I've attached a photo here of my initial crude little zine proof.  I am clearly a very skilled sketch artist.

I want to have something ready to have to people by Gen Con, if not earlier.

Excelsior, and thanks for all the goofy fun you all provided at various playtests.


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